Meet Melissa!

Melissa Oden is an Associate Licensed Clinical Social Worker and obtained her Masters of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She has worked in multiple crisis management facilities where she’s assisted individuals facing all types of mental health conditions. She specializes in trauma and anxiety, utilizing evidence based practices to produce positive change.
  • Do you wake up feeling like you’re just surviving?
  • Do you feel angry all of the time and at a loss as to why?
  • Are you dissatisfied with what your life has become and constantly wonder how did I get here?
  • Do you struggle to communicate how you feel or what is going on?
  • Are you finding yourself overwhelmed to the point you are isolating or withdrawing from everyone and everything?
Many times we have experienced some form of trauma and we do everything we can just to maintain. In this effort to maintain we may lose our balance and sometimes ourselves. Allow Melissa to help you heal and find the balance again. Contact Melissa at 678-632-3847. Low cost evening and weekend sessions available. She is available for online sessions in Georgia and Florida.