Humble Warrior: Strength in Surrender


Humble Warrior pose teaches us there is strength in surrender. Courage is required to rest our defenses and show up vulnerable to the world, to our experiences, and to our relationships with loving grace – a heart-centered trust that when we stand rooted in our values and our mission, then our unique gifts will align with our purpose. Living a heart-centered life requires a gentle dance of will and surrender.

Try this therapeutic journaling activity:
1. What has prepared you for the challenge before you?
2. I fear…(list it all. Nothing is too big or too small here)
3. Fear informs us of what is important. Behind every fear is a longing. Take some time to identify the longing behind every fear listed. Change each line to “I want…”
4. Now transform each of those “wants” into an affirmation. “I am…”
5. Finally, set a timer and write into the prompt: “I am brave, because…”

If you are interested in receiving more writing prompts tailored to meet your individual needs and/or explore your creative voice in a safe, healing environment, contact me at 706-372-1772 or email

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